Who We Are

Mary Burke, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA, Founder & Director

Mary completed her undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology at Marquette University, and received her Master’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1999.  She became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2006.  Mary spent 13 years working in the Ann Arbor Public School system as a speech-language pathologist in the preschool and elementary setting.  She also created, implemented, and taught an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention classroom for children on the autism spectrum.  She later served on the District Support Team training teachers and staff in methods for working with children with ASD in the elementary and middle school setting.  She has been a part of the assessment team determining education eligibilities and creating Individual Education Plans (IEP’s).  Mary has developed and provided trainings and workshops on Verbal Behavior, Challenging Behaviors, Language Development, Play and Social Skills, and Individual Skills for staff within Ann Arbor and across Washtenaw County.  In addition, she has provided parent trainings on topics such as toilet training, challenging behaviors in the home setting, and expanding language and play skills in the home setting.  Mary has also been in private practice since 2002 as both a speech pathologist and behavior analyst.  She has provided individual speech and language therapy for children with ASD, apraxia, and language delays.  She has also provided group therapy for social skill development and supervised home ABA programs.

Julie Wilson, MNS, CCC-SLP, BCBA, Founder & Director

Julie received her undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders at Michigan State University and her Masters of Natural Science in Speech-Language Pathology.  She has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Ann Arbor Public Schools for over twenty years and has worked in her private practice since 1998.  Julie has worked with preschool through teen-aged children with an emphasis on speech apraxia, implementing communication systems, developing language skills, and conducting social intervention and play groups.  Julie has also practiced as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009.  She has taught an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention classroom and supervised teaching assistants implementing Applied Verbal Behavior Therapy.  She has supervised in-home ABA programming and behavioral support for children and young teens with Autism.  Julie has also provided professional development and training for staff who work with students with Autism within Washtenaw County, as well as provided behavioral and programming consultation for students with Autism in local school districts.

Cathy Schuh, OTR

Cathy Schuh is a Registered Occupational Therapist.  She received her undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy at Western Michigan University and her Advanced Masters in Occupational Therapy at Temple University.  Cathy has over 20 years of experience servicing children in early intervention, preschool and elementary school.  In addition to working with children on their fine and visual motor skills, Cathy has had extensive training and experience in Autism, sensory processing and regulation, behavior, picky eaters (S.O.S. approach and Mealtime Miseries), toilet training, and Handwriting without Tears.  She completed a mentorship at the STAR Center in Colorado in 2014.   She has provided workshops to parents and staff on self care skills, making sense of sensory, potty training, picky eaters/problem feeders, engagement and fine motor development.  Cathy is a certified ILS (Integrated Listening System) associate and is able to supervise ILS home programs.

Michelle Phibbs, OTRL

Michelle has worked with children as an occupational therapist in a variety of clinic and school settings in the Ann Arbor area since June 2004.  Michelle has received extensive training in the area of sensory processing through numerous courses including Sensory Integration Certification (SIPT) and has participated in a mentorship at Lucy Miller’s STAR center in Colorado.   She continues to participate in online mentorships through the STAR center/SPD Foundation to maintain best practice in the area of sensory processing.  Michelle is an advance practitioner with Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) and uses this sound therapy with many of her clients.  Michelle enjoys working with children that are picky eaters and problem feeders.  She uses a combination of Kay Toomey’s S.O.S. Approach and Beckman Oral Motor to treat feeding needs.  She has also worked as a vision therapist, receiving instruction for treating visual and ocular motor skills from a developmental optometrist.   Michelle has also attended courses pertaining to Handwriting Without Tears, Therapeutic Listening, Bal-A-Vis-x, Brain Gym and P.L.A.Y. project.

Jouel Truesdell-Lewis, MA, CCC-SLP

Jouel earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Eastern Michigan University. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and has completed her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).  Jouel is also on the Michigan speech language hearing association (MSHA) healthcare committee. She has experience working with children in multiple settings including in-home, private practice, and Michigan public schools. Areas of special interest and experience include Autism Spectrum Disorder, motor-based speech disorders including Childhood Apraxia of Speech, oral motor challenges, phonological and articulation disorders, augmentative and alternative communication systems, social communication disorder, and speech/language disorders. Additionally, her research regarding the importance of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training to graduate level speech language pathology students was presented at the state and national level at the 2015 Michigan Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA) Conference and 2015 ASHA Conference. Jouel strives to make therapy time both effective and fun and to provide parents the information they need in order to integrate their child’s therapy activities into home routines.

Kristin Haudek, MOTR/L

Kristin completed her undergraduate work and received her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Eastern Michigan University. During her graduate program, she worked at the Autism Collaborative Center where she was part of a study team looking at the effectiveness of play groups involving children on the autism spectrum and their peers. She has worked in the Ann Arbor Public School system as an occupational therapist in both the preschool and elementary setting. Kristin has attended additional courses pertaining to the How Does Your Engine Run program, Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, and Integrated Listening Systems. She has additional training through the Handwriting Without Tears program as a certificated handwriting instructor.