Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Communication and social skills are a critical factor in your child’s development.  As dual certified speech pathologists and behavior analysts we place communication and socialization as a priority in all individual ABA programs.  This may range from initial functional communication of an early learner to conversational communication with peers.

Verbal Behavior is the ABA model that will allow your child to bridge communication and motivation while learning new skills and decreasing challenging behaviors.  We fully embrace verbal behavior as the ABA model that we utilize to meet a child’s maximum potential.  The Verbal Behavioral Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) is used to assess your child’s skills and barriers in order to create an individualized program and monitor progress over time.  Verbal Behavior programs are delivered by trained Behavior Technicians and overseen by dually certified Behavior Analyst/Speech Pathologists.

Following an initial assessment, we work with you to best determine goals that meet your child’s needs and those that will effect your child’s everyday communication, social skills and independent behavior in our clinic and at home.  Our services range from intensive individual instruction with a trained behavior technician to small group skill instruction with a peer working on goals that complement the needs of your child.  Often we have children participate in programs that offer a combination of both individual and small group (usually a dyad with another peer) skill training instruction to best meet a child’s needs.  It is our goal for all children to learn necessary individual skills that allow them to fully benefit from social skills training with a peer.  Some children may only receive social skills training if that is the most prominent need.

The majority of our ABA services are rendered in the clinic setting. However, clients who receive services in the clinic may also be eligible for receiving services in an alternative environment such as the home or school as a supplement to their programWe have a deep commitment to helping the whole child and family; we want children to flourish in all settings and for parents to feel empowered and able to fully assist their child in everyday life.  We push services into the home in order to target generalization of skills, behavior in the home setting, interactions with siblings, toilet training, self-care skills and overall independence at home.