Music Therapy

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Individual music therapy sessions (45 minutes in length) begin with an assessment to establish a knowledge of a child’s musical and non-musical behaviors while engaging him in a variety of developmentally-based music experiences.  The assessment outcomes determine the intervention plan.  Interventions generally include ASD-specific strategies (prompting, reinforcement, picture prompts and/or schedules) and music therapy techniques (singing, playing instruments, movement and dance).  Music is inherently structured and full of embedded cues which supports the learning styles typically found in children with ASD.  Many children find certain musical elements and instruments intrinsically rewarding and motivating as well.  The skills targeted in music therapy, including communication, motor, and social skills, often generalize into other settings and routines at school and home.  Progress of goals and objectives will be documented and available to parents on an ongoing basis.

Music Club

Our Music Club is available to children between the ages of 6 and 10 who are interested in collaborating together in singing, playing instruments, and composing and improvising melodies and rhythms.  The Music Club focuses on communication skills, social skills, and working together as a group.  This club will be led by a our music therapist Tori Clark, who will recognize each member’s strengths in ways that benefit both the student and the entire group.  There will be opportunities during the semester to record and perform music together as a group.  Though we will conclude the semester with some “finished products,” the overall focus of the group will be more on the process of collaborating together rather than the finished product. Children who attend this group must possess basic age-level language skills and be able to work in a small group without significant behaviors. Call for more information.

If you have any questions involving music therapy, adapted lessons, or Summer/Fall enrichment offerings in Ann Arbor, MI, please contact Mary Burke ( or Tori Clark (, or reach us at 734.769.0505