Occupational Therapy

We offer Occupational Therapy services as part of our comprehensive treatment to increase your child’s ability to successfully participate in daily activities such as playing with friends and family members, enjoying school and participating in daily routines.  Our OTs work closely with parents, school staff and other therapists at Spectrum Therapy Center to aid in framing issues from a sensory perspective and to move treatment ideas  into the natural home and school setting.  For the children that receive ABA services at our facility, our OTs work closely with the ABA therapists and behavior technicians to ensure strategies are in place to further foster growth in fine motor and self-care areas, as well as increase ability to maintain a calm-alert state throughout their day.

Our Occupational Therapists have extensive training and experience in the following areas in order to:

*Improve the child’s ability to process sensory input within their environment and bodies (touch, body awareness, motor planning abilities, etc.)
*Develop strategies with parents and other therapists/school staff to increase ability to maintain a calm-alert state for optimal functioning
*Improve fine motor, visual skills, strength and balance
*Increase independence in self-care, toileting and play skills
*Improve picky eaters ability tolerate and eat new foods while decreasing their oral sensitivity and improving oral motor function